Freeport-to-Port O'Connor Toy Run

Texas Champions King Mackerel Tournament 2019
June 8th, 2019 Surfside Marina Surfside Beach, Texas

Welcome to the Texas Champions KM Tournament where every angler is a champion!
Why the name? Simple really! This new annual tournament is strictly for the children we serve during the Freeport-to-Port O’Connor Toy Run. The proceeds will help us buy toys for the kids while also providing a fun fishing event for Texas anglers. Every single penny we get from this event goes to the kids. It goes without saying that every angler in this event is a “Champion” for the kids.
While planning this event we decided to go back to those fun days when the SKA and TKA were all the rage. We wanted an old-style tournament where only one big fish counted. At the same time we wanted to level the playing field a bit by having two classes, Open and Class of 24 since even a bay boat can participate, and win!

This is a charitable event and 100% of the non-payout proceeds are used for the children.

Event Headquarters: Surfside Marina
Dates: Friday June 7th Captains Meeting at 7:00pm
Fishing June 8th. Start time determined at Captains Meeting
Weather Day June 9th
Entry Fee: $100.00 per person (captain & crew)
Calcutta: $150.00 minimum per boat. Insurance $150.00.

Registration: Registration at the Captain's Meeting June 8th.

Payout: Open Class: 50% to winners and 50% to Toy Run. Pays 75% to 1st place and 25% to 2nd place.
Class of 24: Same payout as for Open Class.

Junior Anglers (15 or under) receive a trophy for 1st through 3rd places. 

Lady Anglers receive a trophy for 1st through 3rd places.
Calcutta: 75% of total goes to winner in each class.

Individual Fish Pots: To be announced.

Boats may weigh two fish. Regular tournament is weight of your heaviest fish. Calcutta is combined weight of your two fish. Determination of winners for Juniors and Ladies is the single heaviest fish weighed by your boat. It is not necessary that the junior or lady angler catches the winning fish.

Calcutta auction is held following the Captain's Meeting. Highest bid will win the boat. Insurance gets you half of the Calcutta pot in the event you are outbid on your boat and it wins.75% of all insurance money goes to the pot.

Class Determination: Open Class is any boat with a manufacturers length designation of 25’ or longer. Class of 24 is any boat with a manufacturer’s length designation of less than 25’.

Captains Meeting is mandatory for at least one member of the crew to attend.

Start: Each boat will receive a number placard at the Captains Meeting. This number will be used for both the start and for weigh-in. Prior to leaving the assembly area at the jetties you must get a go-ahead from the tournament boat. Leaving prior to being called will result in disqualification. VHF channel for the tournament will be 68.

Weigh-in: All boats with fish to weigh must be in line in the ICW near Surfside Marina by 5:30 PM. Any boat clearing the jetties into the ICW after that time will not be allowed to weigh their fish.

Fishing Methods: Rod & Reel only. No electric reels, handlines, spearguns, harpoons or other methods allowed. All weighed fish will be returned to the boat.

Caution: Nothing may be passed between boats or between a boat and land during the event. In the event of an on-water emergency you may render aid to the stricken boat without penalty but the boat requiring aid will be disqualified. Any such case will be considered by the judges and their ruling is final.

Protests: This is a fun event for a good cause and we ask each angler to be on his/her best behavior. In the event a protest must be lodged you will be required to submit the protest in writing to the judges. Their decision to accept the protest or to follow-through with it is final. If accepted the party under protest may be required to submit to a polygraph test and a final decision made.

Captains Choice: This is a Captains Choice event meaning that it is up to each Captain to participate or not in the event of weather conditions. The event will not proceed if sea conditions require a small craft advisory. If Saturday is not possible then the event will be held Sunday. If Sunday is also bad then the event may be postponed or cancelled at the discretion of the organizer.